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What is Yuckease?

Posted: April 8, 2013 by yuckease in Yuckease
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Yuckease is a combined scoop, scraper, and container operated with just one hand for use by scientific laboratories, the food industry, the packaging industry, and by households. It was invented by high school and middle school sisters, Fiona Lamont and Orla Lamont. A US Patent was granted in 2011.

You can use Yuckease to scoop, scrape, pick up, and contain unpleasant or hazardous items without touching them with your hand. The container can be sealed in a way that covers any surface residue that resulted from scraping an item. It can be labeled and stacked for storage or simply discarded.

The unique teardrop shape maximizes the storage capacity while allowing Yuckease to be used by even a small hand. This rounded shape also minimizes the surface area around the scraper edges (#4) so there’s less for a sticky mess to adhere to. Additionally, the rounded sides (#80, #90) overlap even when Yuckease is open to prevent items and small active animals from escaping.

Yuckease in Use

Yuckease Scraper Edges (#4 Bottom View)

Yuckease thumb pocket (#10) detaches to cover scraper edge and seal the container

Yuckease Sealed (Side View)

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Fiona Lamont and Orla Lamont discuss their Yuclease invention with Robin Fahr on TV30