About Yuckease

Yuckease™ is a combined scoop, scraper, and container operated with just one hand. The patented[i] device isolates the user’s hand from the item being grasped/contained thereby preventing cross contamination.

Yuckease can be used for picking up and containing unpleasant or hazardous items. Each container can be sealed in a way that covers any surface residue that resulted from scraping an item. The self-sealing containers can be labeled and stacked for storage or simply discarded.

Yuckease may be used by scientific laboratories, the food industry, the packaging industry, and by households. It might be used to pick up and store: large insects and small animals such as mice, lizards; sharp items such as nails, broken glass, discarded syringes; items that must be kept sterile or uncontaminated such as laboratory samples of forensic items; items that should be untouched such as food or ingredients; hot or cold items.

The Invention and Inventors

The device was conceived in 2009 by Fiona Lamont, a California high school sophomore at the time. Fiona and her sister, Orla Lamont, developed the device through 16 iterations before applying for an accelerated patent in June 2010. The patent was granted on January 4, 2011.

Fiona is currently a senior at Foothill High School and Orla is a 7th grader at Pleasanton Middle School.

In The News

Article with photoYoung, female inventors lead us forward
November, 11, 2011

Design for success – Sisters, students … inventors of a ‘scoop and seal
by Glenn Wohltmann, October 21, 2011

Patent Office Agrees Pleasanton Girls Have a Real Scoop
By Ron McNicoll, September 24, 2011

[i] US Patent Number 7,862,094 granted January 4, 2011.


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